Everyone’s Catching The Solar Bug

Jess Hutton | May 22, 2015 | Industry Knowledge

For some time we’ve seen anecdotal evidence of what researchers call “neighbor effects” in the spread of solar power. It works like this:

You notice your neighbor is having solar panels installed. Hmm, you wonder, if it makes sense for their household, maybe it make sense for ours as well. You ask them about it. They explain how subsidies made the initial costs a lot lower than expected and how easy the whole transition has been. You’re convinced. You switch to solar, and on down the line it goes. Not only have you made a responsible choice for yourself, but you’ve sent a positive message to the community. A message, it turns out, that’s hard for others to ignore.

Help Solar Spread

According to the Journal of Economic Geography, “Our empirical estimation demonstrates a strong relationship between adoption and the number of nearby previously installed systems as well as built environment and policy variables.” Put simply, if you install a solar system, others are likely to follow. Be the first person on your block to go solar, or be the next.

Fun Fact: Going from conventional power to solar power is equivalent to driving 328,400 fewer miles in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: EPA.gov GHG Equivalences Calculator (Based on 20yr, 10,000 KWH Annual Usage)

Be The First

Say you’re living in an area where the environmental conditions are ripe for solar but so far nobody has flipped the switch. This puts you in the prime position to start a chain reaction of solar installations that could lead to a major reduction in the environmental impact of your neighborhood. All you have to do is show others how easy it is to make strides in the right direction. Lead by example.

Be The Next

This is one situation where it’s okay to follow the crowd. You should still do your homework and talk to people you know who use solar electricity, but for the majority of households, going solar will prove highly practical. Then, once you have firsthand knowledge of the process, you get to be an advocate for something that’s helping sustain the world.

Join The Movement

Contact Just Energy Solar today to get the ball rolling in your community. Our solar advisors are eager to answer any questions you have about sustainable energy. Change can start with one home, sweep through a neighborhood, and pretty soon it’s spanning the entire globe. Together, we can do this!


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