I’m Dreaming of a Sustainable Christmas

Jess Hutton | December 23, 2015 | Seasonality

We are fairly certain Santa and his reindeer would prefer to fly through clean, unpolluted air this holiday season, so let’s work together to have a sustainable Christmas!

We’ve compiled 25 ideas on how to navigate this holiday season while creating less waste, using less energy, spending less money, all while making memories with family and friends.

Here are 25 easy tips to have an eco-friendly Christmas:

  1. Purchase holiday décor at thrift stores.
  2. Take the kids on a scavenger hunt, and make tree ornaments from things you find in nature.
  3. Make decorations from recycled materials – Pinterest will be your best friend!
  4. Send your greeting cards digitally.
  5. Use solar-powered Christmas lights.
  6. Make your own holiday treats and drinks from natural ingredients and avoid extra packaging.
  7. Purchase eco-friendly gifts that create as little waste as possible.
  8. Shop for gifts locally.
  9. Give the gift of life – offer friends and family a plant, seeds, or a garden starter kit.
  10. Put your holiday lights on timers to save electricity.
  11. Purchase fair trade gifts.
  12. Carpool to parties and events.
  13. Wrap gifts with recycled newspaper.
  14. Package boxes with real peanuts to be given to squirrels or birds instead of Styrofoam which accounts for 25% of the waste in landfills.
  15. Give gifts that do not require batteries.
  16. Give gifts of experiences – gift certificates to national parks, nature conservation parks, pay for a class, or a visit to a museum.
  17. Take reusable bags to the store when you do your food or gift shopping.
  18. Buy food and snacks in bulk.
  19. Buy locally-grown food and ingredients.
  20. Avoid using plastic or Styrofoam plates, cups, and utensils.
  21. Host a waste-free holiday dinner.
  22. Begin a nature-themed family tradition, such as planting a tree together, going on a hike, or making outdoor “ornaments” for the birds.
  23. Burn soy candles instead of using lights at night. This also makes your Christmas tree look extra beautiful!
  24. Donate used clothing and toys to a local charity.
  25. Light a fire in the fireplace instead of running the heater.

Let’s work together to create a sustainable Christmas this year! What is your favorite eco-friendly holiday tip? Share in the comments below!

Featured photo by liz west/Flickr

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