Solar Energy Projects for Kids

Bob Farnham | October 9, 2015 | Did You Know?

Including kids in the education and exploration of solar power and natural energy is a sure way to pass on our efforts in sustainability to the next generation. Below is a round-up of some fun and exciting solar energy projects for kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or students!

Photo by Amanda Tipton/Flickr

  1. Solar Oven
  2. Solar S’mores
  3. Solar Tea
  4. Solar Updrift Tower
  5. Solar Energy Balloon Blow-up
  6. Sun Upcycled Crayons
  7. Solar Night Light
  8. Solar Car
  9. Solar Clock
  10. Sunscreen Science
  11. Solar Panel Color Testing
  12. Solar Energy and Heat Testing
  13. Plant response to solar heat
  14. Solar Cell in a Drinking Straw
  15. Solar dyes

Other resources for fun solar experiments and activities for kids:

A solar coloring book (PDF Download)

A solar poem

Solar worksheets, lessons, printables

Solar literary options

Featured image by Tobert Chavez/Flickr


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