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Bob Farnham | June 15, 2015 | Industry Knowledge

Solar energy is a booming industry right now, which creates many choices of how to bring solar power to your home. You can search for various “solar power” terms on Google and spend days digging through millions (literally, millions!) of search results. Well, we’ve done the digging, and you basically have 3 options: make your own solar panels, buy your own solar panels, or lease solar panels for your home.

Option #1: Make your own solar panels.

If you have the time and the patience, you can make your own panels. Instructables offers a variety of free guides on how to build solar panels for your home. However, you should proceed with strong caution. There are plenty of reasons why you should not build your own (listed in The Solar Electricity Handbook), including:

  • The several documented cases where homemade solar panels on a house caught fire, which is typically caused by using wrong materials or the poor quality of soldering.
  • Many web sites suggest that you can sell your power back to the utility companies, but it’s illegal to install non-approved power generation equipment to the grid in the U.S. and the U.K.
  • Tax credit and rebate opportunities for installing solar PV on a home are not available for home built solar panels.

Option #2: Buy your own solar panels.

The second option for installing solar panels on your home is buying the panels. One of the biggest issues with buying your own solar panels is the cost. A medium sized system to provide power to a small or very energy efficient house might cost $25,000 and a solar system to power a large house could cost $50,000+. There are some incentives offered by state, several of which expire within the next few years. Plus, you’ve got to deal with maintenance, insurance, and other hassles that go along with owning something of significant value.

Option #3: Lease your solar panels.

The third option is to lease your solar panels. Let a reliable, experienced company customize the solar panels for your roof, maintain and repair the solar panels, and potentially save you money. Just Energy Solar is making waves across the United States in the residential solar energy industry. Here are the top 10 reasons why Just Energy Solar is the right choice for you:

  1. Protect the environment: The sun, our most renewable source of energy, produces zero emissions. Why would we not tap into the most abundant, all-natural energy source that is right above our heads? Together, we can pave the way for future generations with clean energy.
  2. Savings: We all know that sunshine is free. What you may not know is that the technology to harness it is finally more efficient and affordable than ever before. Think of what you could do with extra savings: mortgage, retirement, vacations, college…the possibilities are endless!
  3. The freedom to dictate how much power you use: Imagine living totally free form the electricity grid! Generate your own power without depending on nonrenewable resources that are in short supply.
  4. No upfront costs: Why pay thousands of dollars to buy your own solar panels when you can lease panels through Just Energy Solar for no upfront costs? It’s a win-win.
  5. Solar concierge: Our knowledgeable solar advisors will hold your hand through set up and the life of the contract. We aim to deliver superior quality service.
  6. A company that cares: JE Solar believes in clean power for everyone and for a brighter future for our children. It’s not all about the bottom dollar.
  7. Custom Design & Walkthrough: Our solar advisors will walk you through the each step of the process. We will start by customizing your plan to perfectly fit and maximize the efficiency of your rooftop. You will then be able to see exactly how your solar panels will look and function before the install.
  8. Competitive rates: you can choose what plan best suits your needs. Our Solar Value Plan offers the lowest available rates each month, and the Solar Stability Plan offers fixed low pricing (pay for every kWh you use at pre-negotiated annual power price).
  9. Potential to increase value of your home: Switching to solar power has the potential to increase the value of your home.
  10. Ease of mind: Rest assured knowing that JE Solar services include monitoring, maintenance, and insurance.



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