Questions about going solar? We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions homeowners have about making the switch.
  • How does solar power work?
    • Step One

      Your rooftop solar panels capture the natural energy from clean, beautiful sunshine.

      Step Two

      Through a device called an inverter, your panels convert the sun’s energy into usable power for your home.

      Step Three

      When your new solar installation is producing more energy than your home needs, the excess is sent to the grid where it is ‘stored’ for use when you need it. For instance, at night or on cloudy days … or when you’re having a huge party to celebrate your new solar energy system.

      Step Four

      Solar is hands-free for you. We will monitor your solar installation 24/7. In the unlikely event something stops working, we’ll know immediately. We’ll also capture your solar installation’s performance and output, and share that data with you whenever you want. It’s really that simple.

      Most importantly, your new solar energy system includes no moving parts. It operates automatically and requires nothing from you. You can see the performance of your solar energy system whenever you want, by logging into your Just Energy Solar account. But rest assured, even if you’re not tracking the energy production of your solar energy system, we are, so you never need to worry about whether it’s working properly.
  • What will my solar power production and savings look like?†
    • Your Solar Energy Consultant will provide you with a preliminary solar energy system design and expected power production and savings. After signing your agreement, a detailed site assessment will lead to a complete engineering design and panel layout. Your Solar Concierge will walk you through the finalized solar energy system design.
  • Are there costs associated with equipment, installation, monitoring, and maintenance?
    • Everything is taken care of with no up-front cost to you. Unless you need to perform roof repairs to enable installation, you pay nothing until the system is producing power. You simply pay the agreed upon energy rate (per kWh) for your solar power production each month. Just Energy Solar and its partners take full responsibility for installation, equipment, maintenance and monitoring of the solar energy system. It’s a win – win!
  • How long will the whole process take?
    • The amount of time needed for the entire process varies depending upon a number of factors. Our team of experts will let you know what to expect early on in the process. The actual installation of the solar energy system only takes about a day, but there are some things that need to take place, including:
      • Permitting: We are required to submit all relevant permit papers associated with your solar energy system to your city for approval. Some cities provide permits in a day, others can take over a month.
      • Inspection: The city will complete an inspection of your system after installation. Scheduling this inspection can sometimes be done in a day, and sometimes a week, depending upon city procedures.
      • Activation: The utility will approve turning on the switch after all the inspection is complete. Timing depends on their work volume and procedures. This can take anywhere from a day to a month depending upon the utility.
  • What is the Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) is and how is it related to my Solar Service Agreement?
    • The ITC is a 30 percent federal income tax credit available to the owner of the solar energy system. Since you do not own the solar energy system, the ITC goes to the fund that is financing the cost of the project. The reduced solar energy system cost with the ITC is taken into account when calculating your energy rate per kWh for solar. This helps lower the cost of the system and gets you a lower kWh rate.
  • What happens when/if I move?
    • Most people move at some point during the time that they have their solar system – it happens every day. If you move, you have options. You may be able to:
      1. Transfer the Solar Service Agreement and payments to the new homeowner.
      2. Prepay all remaining solar payments and transfer the Solar Service Agreement only.
      3. Purchase the equipment.
      (Please refer to your agreement for more information)
  • Why can’t I store my solar power for a rainy day?
    • While battery technology is dropping in price, integration of battery storage into a rooftop solar energy system is still too expensive at this time. Just Energy Solar wants to provide you with the most cost-effective and reliable energy solutions available. We will let you know when additional options and accessories make sense for your home.
  • What is net metering?
    • Here’s how it works:
      • Your solar energy system will produce energy only during the daytime, when the sun is shining. It often produces more energy than what you need to power your home during the day. Any excess energy produced will flow backwards through your electric meter into the utility grid, causing your electric meter to count backwards, earning you credits through the utility company. For example, for 1 kWh of excess energy produced, you receive a credit through the utility company for 1 kWh.
      • In the evening when the sun has set, your system will no longer be producing power. However, you will be using electricity from the utility grid. The cost of the energy you use will be offset, in part or entirely, by the credits you earned earlier in the day.
      • Your credits will carry over to the next day and the next month. However, if you use more energy than you earned credits for, you will have a balance outstanding to the utility company at the end of the year for the overage of electricity used.
  • When do I start making payments?
    • Your monthly solar payments begin the 1st of the month after your solar energy system is connected to the utility grid and generating energy for you.

Site Assessment

It is best if you are home when the site assessment is being conducted to ensure the assessor has full access to your roof, both inside and out. Also, please make sure your electrical panel is accessible and unlocked. During the site assessment, dogs will need to be indoors for everyone’s safety.
  • How long will the site assessment take?
    • The site assessment takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Our expert assessor will measure your available roof space, take a look at the structure in your attic, assess the impact of shading from nearby trees and other buildings and evaluate the condition of your roof and shingles. Your Solar Concierge will notify you of any repairs that might be needed, and discuss how they can be completed. Sometimes these expenses can be included in the solar energy system lease by modifying the lease payments. Other times it is preferable for you to undertake these changes independently before the solar energy system is installed.
  • Is the site assessor licensed and insured?
    • Yes. We partner with licensed, insured, and financially stable companies to handle the site assessment and solar energy system installation. We work hand-in-hand with them to ensure a smooth process.

System Design & Optimization

Once your site assessment is complete, our team of expert engineers will design a solar energy system to optimize your solar power production, based on the original layout and performance, as provided by your Solar Energy Consultant. After the design is prepared, your Solar Concierge will review the design with you.
  • What am I looking for when I am shown the completed solar energy system design?
    • The engineers are solar experts. They have many years of experience designing solar energy systems, and will customize your system design for your home to ensure optimal results. Your Solar Concierge will review the finalized system design with you to ensure your satisfaction with the panel layout. You can also review details of the electrical design and how the solar panels are connected to your roof if you would like.
  • What if I don’t like something I see on the solar energy system design?
    • Please reach out to your Solar Concierge immediately and inform them of your questions and concerns. They will ensure that you fully understand all of the considerations that went into your solar energy system design. We are confident it will give you the most efficient solar power generation. While we’re confident you won’t want to change a thing, if you do, your Solar Concierge will make sure the change is made and communicated back to you.
  • After the design is approved how long until my panels are installed and I can start using solar power?
    • The amount of time needed for the entire process varies depending upon a number of factors. Our team of experts will let you know what to expect early on in the process. We work closely with all parties to get your solar energy system installed and working as quickly as possible. The steps that take the longest are permitting for the city, inspection by the city, and the utility’s final approval to turn the system on. Your Solar Concierge will be in contact with you on a regular basis to keep you informed of the progress. We don’t like waiting either and part of our job is to move things along as fast as possible.


Installing solar panels on your home requires a permit from the city. At this stage in the process, we submit the necessary paperwork to the permitting authority in your city, and work with them for project approval.
  • Why do permits need to be filed?
    • Whenever you construct an addition to a home or building, or make changes to your electrical system, most cities require a permit. Some cities require multiple permits. Your solar energy system is an addition to your electrical system, and some cities consider it a structural change as well. Permits must be filed and approved by your city for each of these items.
  • What if I have unpermitted structures on my home?
    • Building permits can only be issued if all structures attached to your home are permitted prior to the installation of your solar energy system. If there are any issues at this stage we will inform you immediately to get it remedied.
  • Will the permits cost me anything?
    • No. We take care of all costs for building and electrical permits as part of our service and commitment to you.
  • When will the installation be?
    • Once the permits are approved by your city, you will be called to schedule your installation. Permitting approval is expected to take 4 to 6 weeks, we will keep you informed about status throughout the process.


When your permit has been approved by the city, we schedule your solar energy system installation! We will follow up with you 24 hours prior to installation to provide a friendly reminder of when your installation team will be arriving at your home to complete the installation.
  • Do I need to be home for installation?
    • You will need to be home initially for your solar energy system installation, in the event that the installers need access to your meter or electrical panel or attic. You may leave while the actual panels are being installed. Please make sure animals are indoors while the installation team is on-site.
  • Are the installers bonded/insured?
    • Yes. We partner with licensed, insured, and financially stable companies to handle the site assessment and solar energy system installation. We work hand-in-hand with them to ensure a smooth process.
  • Can my solar energy system start producing the same day as installation?
    • A city inspector must complete a full inspection of the solar energy system to confirm that it was installed according to the permit, codes, and laws. The installation contractor will inform the utility when the inspection is passed, and then the utility will coordinate with their teams to approve turning on your solar energy system.
  • Will the power in my home remain on during the installation process?
    • Your power should remain on during the installation of your solar panels, as well as during system activation. In the event that you need an electrical panel upgrade, power would need to be turned off during the upgrade, but it wouldn’t be for a significant amount of time. If power needs to be turned off, you will be notified ahead of time.
  • Can I call the city to help move this along?
    • We ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been filed with the city. Rest assured that we will do everything possible to move the process along.


Before the utility can switch on your solar energy system, the city has to perform an inspection to verify that the installation has been completed to code and according to the permitted design. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll submit a request to your utility company to switch the system on. Once your utility has given us the green light to activate the system, we will contact you regarding the best time to visit your home to turn it on! Scheduling the inspection and getting approval to turn the solar power on can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending upon the city and the utility.
  • Is it ok if I am home when the city inspector arrives?
    • Yes, it is perfectly fine if you are home when the inspection is taking place. Keep in mind that pets must be kept away from the yard. The inspector must also have clear access to your roof.
  • If the inspection only takes a few hours to do, why could it take several weeks before I can have my solar power turned on?
    • The amount of time we have to wait for the city to complete their inspection largely depends upon their workload. Projects are placed into their inspection workflow queue. This helps us inform you of the expected timeline.

Solar Service Agreement & Payments

  • How long is my Solar Service Agreement?
    • You have signed an agreement to purchase energy from the solar energy system for 20 years. Though this may seem long, keep in mind that you will be paying for your electricity over that time whether you have a solar energy system or not. Solar is simply a way for you to take control of your energy bills. The cost of electric power from the grid is forecasted to increase year after year (the national annual average is approximately 3.5%). Your solar rate is secured, so you know what your monthly solar electricity production and costs will be for the next 20 years.
  • Am I required to complete the roof repairs if the assessor finds they are necessary to proceed?
    • Yes. If an entire roof replacement is necessary, that work must be completed before we can proceed with solar installation. The cost for a roof replacement is not included in your standard Solar Service Agreement. Speak with your Solar Energy Consultant if you would like to see if this work can be included through a price adjustment.
  • How do I get out of the Solar Service Agreement?
    • If you no longer wish to make monthly solar payments, you have the option to buy the solar equipment. See your Power Purchase Agreement for more information.
  • Who do I make monthly payments to?
    • You will receive two bills. One from Just Energy Solar for the solar power produced and one from the utility provider for the energy you use when the solar energy system is not producing power.
  • What is the billing cycle for my solar power?
    • You will receive an invoice mid-month and payment is due on the 1st of every month.

Equipment & Warranty

There are a few important pieces of equipment that will be installed as part of your solar energy system, specifically the panels themselves and the inverters.
  • What happens to my solar energy system after 20 years?
    • You may have the option to purchase your system or ask for it to be removed from your roof at no additional cost. Some products also come with up to five, one year agreement renewals depending on the plan you are on.
  • Who is responsible for making sure everything is done according to the agreement?
    • Just Energy Solar is responsible for making sure everything is done according to the agreement.
  • How much will it cost to remove/replace my solar energy system in the event that I need to re-roof?
    • If you need to re-roof during the term of the Power Purchase Agreement, the average the cost to remove and replace the rooftop components of the solar energy system is $700-$1,000.
  • What if I have questions or need assistance?
    • Contact Just Energy Solar Customer Care at 1-844-i-LUV-SUN. We’re happy to help!

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