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Now that you are saving money, taking back control from the utility, and improving the planet, help others do the same! With the Just Energy Solar Referral Program, there are two ways you can earn while helping your friends and family experience the benefits of solar:

  Rewards for Every Person Referred

Earn $25 for each friend, family member, neighbor or coworker referred to Just Energy Solar who qualifies for solar.*

  Rewards for Every Solar Installation

If your referral makes the switch to solar with Just Energy Solar, each of you will earn $250. And the best part is that there’s no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn, so you can share the advantages of solar with everyone you know.**

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Get Started Referring and Earning

Share the benefits of solar energy today for a brighter tomorrow. Tell your friends how to save by switching to solar power! It’s easy to refer:

Step One

Call (844) i-LUV-SUN. We understand that not everyone qualifies for solar so even if you aren’t a current Just Energy Solar customer, you can still submit referrals.*

Step Two

Give us your referral's contact information. We'll make it easy by calling or emailing them on your behalf, so you don't have to lift a finger!

Step Three

For each qualified referral, you receive $25.*

Step Four

If your referral switches to solar power with Just Energy Solar, you and your referral each earns $250. It’s win-win!

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Qualifying Your Friends for Solar

Not everyone is lucky enough to be eligible for a rooftop solar power system. Here’s what you’re looking for when referring your friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues for solar.

If you’re unsure whether your referrals are good candidates for solar, just send us their information and we’ll figure out the rest!

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We're Here to Help

Our team of dedicated Solar Energy Consultants is here to help your referrals determine the best solar options to meet their solar goals. Your referrals can also expect:

A $0 down solar energy system installation. We’ll cover the cost of equipment, monitoring, and any maintenance needs

Access to their own personal Solar Concierge

A solar electricity rate locked in for 20 years that's lower than their utility rate today

A custom solar energy system for their roof designed by expert solar engineers

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