Advantages of Going Solar

Solar Experts
Save Money

By producing solar power, you can reduce your energy bill by paying a lower rate. Not only that, but the rate you pay for your solar energy is locked in for 20 years, protecting you against the potential of rising utility rates.

Solar Experts
Take Control Back
from Your Utility

Choose local power. Your power. Rely less on the utility company for your electricity needs by harnessing the sun. Residential solar lets you to take charge of your electricity production.

Solar Experts
Clean, Renewable

Make the switch to solar energy and contribute to a cleaner world. Your home will generate energy that is emissions free and sustainable. Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy – it’s power that is good for you and good for the environment!

Solar Experts
Increase the Value of Your Home

Homes with solar capability typically sell faster and command a higher asking price than their non-solar neighbors. Reports show some home buyers are willing to pay a premium for their new home in exchange for the potential of a lower monthly energy bill.

Solar Energy is
Good Energy

Solar is a clean, renewable energy source. Since it’s powered by the sun, there are no fumes or exhaust being released back into the atmosphere. And because nothing is burning or combusting to provide power, you are helping to reduce our nation’s overall carbon footprint.

For you personally, residential solar means less dependence on “the grid,” or the established system of power utilities. With solar energy, you can keep the lights on while knowing that you’re helping the environment. You can do it all for a secured rate that doesn’t fluctuate with market costs like traditional energy sources.

One of the lesser-known advantages of solar energy systems is that they can work well anywhere—even if you live in an area with long winters and lots of snow. Our team of experts customizes your system to meet your personal electricity needs and account for your local climate. Plus, solar panels require little to no maintenance and stand up well to all kinds of weather.

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How Solar Power Works

How exactly does that big power plant in the sky create electricity to power your home? Here’s the process:

Step One

Your rooftop solar panels capture the natural energy from clean, beautiful sunshine.

Step Two

Through a device called an inverter, your panels convert the sun’s energy into usable power for your home.

Step Three

When your new solar installation is producing more energy than your home needs, the excess is sent to the grid where it is ‘stored’ for use when you need it. For instance, at night or on cloudy days … or when you’re having a huge party to celebrate your new solar energy system.

Step Four

Solar is hands-free for you. We will monitor your solar installation 24/7. In the unlikely event something stops working, we’ll know immediately. We’ll also capture your solar installation’s performance and output, and share that data with you whenever you want. It’s really that simple.

Switch to Solar Today

Reduce your energy bill by switching to solar.

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